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XRP Escrow Client 3.0

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CHANGELOG 3.0 + [ADDED] – Micro Wallet + [ADDED] – Set Regular key + [ADDED] – Transaction’s Flags (Require DT, Disallow XRP, Disable Master Key) + [ADDED] – Send XRP from encrypted QR + [ADDED] – Change account settings + [ADDED] – Built-in Encryption + [ADDED] – Validate XRP AddressRead More…

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XRP Escrow Client with XRPTipBot Add-On

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CHANGELOG 2.0 + [ADDED] – XRP Address Validator + [ADDED] – actNotFound exception + [ADDED] – Get last 50 Transactions + [ADDED] – Filter “escrowCreated” and “escrowFinished” transactions + [ADDED] – actNotFound exception + [ADDED] – Save Settings (save an address and use after the app closes and reopens +Read More…

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XRP Escrow Client for Windows (MULTILANG)

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CHANGELOG 1.01 MULTILANG (currently it supports 4 languages) Load Demo Data Update Balance Reset Data StatusBar Time Control Windows Notification Bugs Fixed No SETUP required Before continuing it is important to read the disclaimer and the license agreement: THIS FREE ESCROW CLIENT DOES NOT STORE OR COLLECT ANY SENSITIVE DATARead More…