Miljan Zujić

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Windows 10 basics: multidesktop and multitasking

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Windows 10 brought us a significant innovation, at least when the “world of windows” is in question. It is a multi-desktop environment. Finally, it became possible to use several virtual desktops, which helps the meticulousness in the work, and better organization of available space. Just imagine the surface of your desk – would it not be useful if you have the ability to remove all from it with a single move of your hand and set up something completely different, with the new layout?

Miljan Zujić

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

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For a large number of smartphone fans, the new year didn’t begin until Samsung releases its latest phone of the most popular, S series. This year it is Galaxy S8. To stay at the top of the Android market, like Samsung does year after year, they must give users whatRead More…