(XRP) How to disable your Master Key?

XRP How to disable your Master Key

– About Master Key Pair

Reference: https://developers.ripple.com/cryptographic-keys.html

[Brief summary]

The master key pair is composed of a private key and a public key. In addition to being able to sign all transactions that a regular key pair can, the master key pair’s private key is the only key that can be used to perform the following actions:

  • Disable the master public key.
  • Permanently give up the ability to freeze.
  • Send a cost-0 key reset transaction.

Because a master key pair cannot be changed and can only disabled in the event of a compromise, this is a compelling reason to keep your master key pair offline and set up a regular key pair to sign transactions from your account instead.

– About Regular Key Pair

The XRP Ledger allows an account to authorize a secondary key pair, called a regular key pair, to sign future transactions, while keeping your master key pair offline. If the private key of a regular key pair is compromised, you can remove or replace it without changing the rest of your account and re-establishing its relationships to other accounts.

The steps required to assign a regular key pair to your account:

  1. Generate a key pair
  2. Assign the key pair to your account as a regular key pair
  3. Verify the regular key pair

When assigning a regular key pair to your account for the first time, the SetRegularKey transaction requires signing by your account’s master private key (secret).

How to disable your Master Key?

1. Generate a new key pair
(Use Bithomp tools. In this case, I’ll be connected to Test Net so I’m going to use recently generated Test Net regular key.
My Test Net Master Key Pairs are:
rp5EciKXsqUb6ZWkFQBGzeGACTsgfkLp6E / snVrLbcN2P5dE8SUjsTkrb49****
My test Net Regular Keys Are:
rDNFCQ43QoQdKsTnPbYQwPB7htZoiJ5KG / spjUztL9fvjmUVKctyREadjet****)

2. On the “Set regular key” section put the address you’ve just generated (in this case it is rDNFCQ43QoQdKsTnPbYQwPB7htZoiJ5KG) and click on the button “Set Regular Key“. This way you will assign the key pair to your account as a regular key pair

(You can verify the regular key pair by submitting AccountSet transaction)

3. On “Flag Settings” section choose “Disable Master Key ON” and click on the button EXECUTE (but first make sure you’ll use your Master Key pair to execute this transaction, means, in this case it will be snVrLbcN2P5dE8SUjsTkrb49**** )

4. Once you’re done can either disable masterkey by turning it off, or just use your regular key to sign any transaction (when disabling Master Key use your Account, eg: rp5EciKXsqUb6ZWkFQBGzeGACTsgfkLp6E and the regular key spjUztL9fvjmUVKctyREadjet****)

You don’t need to fund your regular key account.

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