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Shocking Footage: Venezuelan National Guard Truck Drives Through Crowd Of ‘Dissidents’

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For several weeks Venezuela has been rocked with protests and riots as the Maduro regime increasingly tightens its grip on the population. It seems as if security forces are brutally cracking down on dissidents on a daily basis now. Wednesday in particular, saw some incredibly tense clashes between protesters andRead More…

David Aragon

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A Game-Theoretical Analysis Of The US-China-North Korea ‘Standoff’

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Game theory is a wide-reaching study that can describe and model how human beings will behave, particularly in response to the actions of other human beings. It’s a sort of chess-game thinking. And its basis is essentially this: Your interests depend not just on the decisions you make, but also on the decisions that other people make. In game theory, you choose your moves based on how you expect your competitors to respond to your moves.

Kevin Stone

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Why major media have ignored a revealing passage near the end of the book

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The inability of top Clinton operatives to identify with the non-wealthy is so tenacious that they still want to assume “the public will be with us” the more they talk about Russia Russia Russia. Imagine sitting at a kitchen table with average-income voters who are worried sick about their financial futures — and explaining to them that the biggest threat they face is from the Kremlin rather than from U.S. government policies that benefit the rich and corporate America at their expense.

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