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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review

The market of tablets is constantly falling, and there is a logical explanation: users who bought gadgets 2-3 years ago, just don't see the point in updating their devices - they perfectly play movies and decent games and are still good enough for surfing. Nevertheless, top brands continue to aggressively produce new models.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, in fact, is the equivalent response to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro - there is also a powerful stuffing, a display of the same size with the same resolution, 4 speakers, the ability to connect additional accessories - a cover-keyboard and work with the stylus.


Samsung is trying to compete with the most popular tablet in the world (iPad if anyone does not know) and the progress in this regard is really visible. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, which is aimed primarily to active people who are constantly on the move, go to various kinds of events and want to have a handy device for this kind of tasks. Of course, the laptop is more suitable for work, but tablets are commonly being selected for this purpose. Now you can not only consume the content on the tablet but also create it with a decent level of comfort. So, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 should be considered not only as a device for viewing the video, but communicating in social networks, but also as a gadget for productive work in various fields. We'll tell you more about this novelty so that you know what the tablet can and for what it's worth to buy. This is a very powerful flagship device, whose capabilities can be expanded with a cover-keyboard and stylus.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 looks very much like the increased smartphone of the Galaxy A line (2017) - it uses a similar design. The same black shade, glass panels at front and behind, metal ends and a practically non-protruding main camera.

The tablet looks modern; you cannot even argue with that. On the front panel we have a display, on the left and on the right there are adequate frames for holding in hands, under the display there is a hardware key Home and two touch keys, above the display there is a camera and a speaker. The back side is flat, without any unnecessary details, here we have a flash camera, a company logo, and the AKG logo. On the side, they are all the hardware control keys and magnetic fastening for the cover-keyboard. Impressions about the design are only positive, it looks very practical, modern, stylish and expensive.

Frames around the screen are optimal - if you reduce them, the device will be inconvenient to hold in hands because of possible false pressures. At the same time, the Galaxy Tab S3 is quite comfortable to hold with one hand because of a small weight - only 430 grams.

Under the screen, there is a physical Home button with a built-in fingerprint sensor and two other touch control buttons.

USB Type-C port is not exactly in the middle of the tablet but slightly shifted sideways. The fact is that the device is so thin (6 mm) that it is physically impossible to place this connector under the Home button.

There are four speakers, it's good not so much because of the voluminous sound, but because you cannot be afraid of accidentally completely blocking the sound by holding the tablet in hands in a landscape orientation.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 uses a 9.7-inch display with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels and we're pleased with its quality. Everything is like in the "standard" iPad, except that it's Super AMOLED, not an IPS matrix. On the one hand, it is more economical than IPS-display, on the other - the picture traditionally goes to blue (however, in the settings you can choose a less "poisonous" color profile).

At the same time, the brightness of the screen is quite sufficient for all situations, the display allows very good visibility even under direct sunlight. When the color is tilted, it practically doesn't fade, the brightness decreases slowly.

Hardware and performance

First of all, it should be noted that any modern high-end tablet has enough performance to perform any of your tasks. So this parameter is not very important, but we decided to tell you more about the product hardware. Inside the S3 Tab is installed Qualcomm 820 processor, which runs on four cores and produces decent performance in all tasks - games, programs, browsers and so on. This is the flagship of the previous generation, so it has a decent performance. There are installed 4 gigabytes of RAM, which is enough for comfortable work with several applications at once. For now, to have more RAM then 4GB is completely unnecessary on mobile devices. The built-in memory of the tablet is 32 gigabytes, naturally, there is also a slot for a memory card because the built-in is clearly not enough.

Adreno 530 graphics is responsible for awesome graphic performance. 4K-movies are perfectly played, and the heaviest games run without a hint of slowing down. In our test, the level of fps in the World of Tanks Blitz at maximum settings did not drop below 38, most of the time being at 59-60.

The popular benchmark AnTuTu only states that we have one of the most powerful mobile devices at the moment.

The battery capacity in the tablet is relatively small - 6000 mAh. And because the battery life is not recordable here - for 10 minutes of playing in WOT Blitz (at the maximum settings), the charge level fell by about 5%.

Camera and sound

We're almost completely sure that you will not use the tablet in order to take pictures on vacation or selfie for Instagram. Nevertheless, Samsung has installed in the Galaxy Tab S3 pretty good cameras with 13 and 5 megapixels.

With the day's shooting, the tablet copes with "hurray", but the quality of photos drops significantly at night. In general, the impressions from the main camera are good. The front module is perfect for Skype communication and selfie.

As for the sound, everything is very good here. Samsung managed to fit in such a slim body very good speakers (designed, for a moment, in cooperation with Harman), which do not wheeze even at maximum volume and produce average and high frequencies (bass still isn't sufficient).

We remind you, they are 4 speakers in the tablet – designed for the full immersion in the movie or the game you provided.

S Pen

As we already wrote at the beginning, you can expand the functionality of the tablet with the help of the proprietary stylus S Pen, which comes with the device. S Pen resembles at a conventional pen. The stylus is quite light and easy to handle. There is a small function button on the side.

The tablet does not provide any hardware for the stylus, but the software is already prepared to work with it - the optimization is almost identical to the line of Note smartphones.

For example, in the settings menu there is a special option for S Pen settings, and when the stylus approaches the screen and the button is pressed, a context menu appears. You can write with the pen even when the screen is locked - again, just bring the S Pen close to the tablet and press the button.

S Pen is susceptible to the force of pressing - this is convenient when drawing. By the way, during the creation of a handwritten note or drawing, you can safely put your hand on the screen - these touches will not be perceived and also interfere the work.

In addition, you can connect a cover-keyboard to the tablet - for this purpose, a magnetic fastening is located at one of the ends. This option will surely appeal to those who often work with text.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is exactly what we wanted to see in the continuation of S2.

Samsung showed what should be a top-end tablet - thin, light, very powerful, with a bright and clear display, stereo sound and a good battery life.

And while the tablet does not offer anything stunning in terms of innovations, users do not need them on the tablet - they need a good screen, portable design, high-quality sound and the ability to replace the laptop sometimes with Tab S3. A nice bonus is the ability to connect a physical keyboard and use the stylus, which extends the range of potential gadget buyers.

The manufacturer set the starting price of $600, and the price tag will be at the level of the iPad because this is the main and only competitor in the market. Samsung's tablet will turn out to be very stylish, high-quality, expensive - you can immediately see that the person with this tablet in his hands is serious with achieved success in life. In addition, if you buy a stylus and a keyboard, you'll get just the perfect replacement kit for your laptop in the workplace. Although, Android is a controversial point and not everyone like it, we think. But, in any case, we did not notice any special shortcomings.

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