How Trump’s Administration can battle the Tyranny of Venezuela

The citizens of Venezuela have made their outrage over the socialist tyranny of their country very clear. It hasn’t even been three weeks since the nations’ Supreme Court announced that it was dissolving and assuming the constitutional powers of the elected legislature, increasing the power of the already tyrannical dictator.

This new wave of political violence in Venezuela has already led to the deaths of at least three people who were protesting. State security services have made a point of confronting many people protesting. Tens of thousands of militiamen wearing red shirts have also been tasked with “dealing” with protestors.

It is very clear that the Maduro regimen’s use of street violence is a very serious matter, but it has given many people who live in this country perspective on the overall situation. Venezuelan citizens have suffered horrible atrocities under the rule of Maduro as well as Hugo Chavez, but it seems as though the citizens of this divided nation have not yet given up hope.

Maduro has publicly stated that he believes the protests against him are being led by Americans. Senator Marco Rubio, who is a harsh critic of Maduro, went into detail in a recent Fox News interview with Bret Baier about how Trump can go about putting an end to the tyranny.

Rubio said, “That may not sound like diplomatic talk, but it actually is one thing that Venezuela is most sensitive to. They do not want to be ostracized. They do not want to be isolated in the hemisphere by fellow Latin American countries.”

The country of Venezuela is currently completely dependent on other nations for natural resources, even going so far as to smuggle for the necessary goods to keep its people alive. Because of the leverage Trump has in his relationship to the nation, he could use it to help the people of the country.