TweetBox (TweetSharp & XRPTipBot)

Free / Safe / Entertaining.

The archive inlcudes:

  • Newtonsoft.Json.dll ( Popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET)
  • Hammock.dll (Hammock is an HTTP API library for .NET that greatly simplifies consuming and wrapping RESTful services)


  •  Windows 10
  • . Net Framework 4.5.2


  • Send Custom Message to your Followers
  • Send Custom Tips to your followers (birthday greetings, etc)
  • Get XRP price, volume,  change info
  • Get XRPTipBot Balance/Sent/Received info
  • Get the latest articles from Ripple
  • Be the first to get the latest from #XRPCommunity blog
  • Share random quotes
  • Create your favorite list of contacts

In order to use the application, you will need to create a Twitter application (APP). Don’t worry, it’s easy, as all Twitter users are potentially Twitter application developers. Just visit and sign in with your Twitter credentials.

Then, Open and click on “Create an app” button (near the top)
You will need to introduce basic information about your application:

– Name *
– Application description *
– Website URL (required) *
– Terms of Service URL *
– Privacy policy URL *
– Organization name *
– Tell us how this app will be used *

Skip the following steps:

– *Enable Sign in with Twitter
– *Callback URLs.

And finally, click on “Create” button. When you’re done, go to:, choose “Keys and tokens” section and under the “Access token & access token secret” by clicking on “Create“, you will get the “Access token & access token secret” KEYS.

Open TweetSharp folder and locate the file “Settings.txt“. Make the following changes by applying your personal information:

[Username]=your-user-name (for example: parisbydavid)
[ConsumerAPI]=Consumer API key
[ConsumerSecret]=Consumer API secret key
[AccessToken]=Access token
[AccessTokenSecret]=Access token secret

and the final result should be something like this:


and voila!, you’re ready now! OPEN THE APP TWEETSHARP

A New version will be released soon!

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