XRP Escrow Client for Windows

xrp escrow client

-Here it is: XRP Escrow Client for Windows.

What should you know about Escrow transaction?

Escrow is a feature of the XRP Ledger that allows you to send conditional XRP payments. These conditional payments, called escrows, set aside XRP and deliver it later when certain conditions are met. Conditions to successfully finish an escrow include time-based unlocks and crypto-conditions. Escrows can also be set to expire if not finished in time. Conditional held payments are a key feature for full Interledger Protocol support, which enables chains of payments to cross any number of ledgers.

The XRP set aside in an escrow is locked up. No one can use or destroy the XRP until the escrow has been successfully finished or canceled. Before the expiration time, only the intended receiver can get the XRP. After the expiration time, the XRP can only be returned to the sender

Escrow only works with XRP, not issued currencies.

Before continuing it is important to read the disclaimer and the license agreement:


Only use this tool on a trusted computer.
NEVER download this software from any other websites; The official source is https://davidolliver.com
Never share your secret key or mnemonic (recovery phrase) with anyone.

VirusTotal Report: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file-analysis/ZjAwMzVhN2Q3Njc3NzdlOTM3NDk5YTg2MjNmODgzM2Q6MTU0NjY5ODMyMA==

Direct Download: https://www.davidolliver.com/downloads/EscrowClient.zip

Get it from CNET Download.com!

IMPORTANT: Generate TEST NET WALLET AND SECRET at https://developers.ripple.com/xrp-test-net-faucet.html   (Click on the button “Generate Credentials”, then copy/paste wallet and secret)

The application requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 to be installed – Download it from https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/thank-you/net472

What to do?

1. Check your Balance
2. Create Escrow Transactions
3. Release Escrow Transactions
4. Save LOG (you can check your log anytime, copy/paste the Sequence number of the transaction and release it)
5. Select Networks – Test NET is included (it is strongly recommended that you start using Test NET in order to become familiar with the software and after that you can create transactions on the main network)
6. * There is no “middle man” between you and Ripple servers.

All you have to do is PUT your address properly.

Please, watch the VIDEO and you will understand how the software actually works.

Additional Explanation:

1. First of all, you will need to check your balance. The escrow button is disabled by default, the software will first check your account balance. In this case you don’t need to put your SECRET key. If the balance is greater than 36 XRP, then you will be able to create your first transaction
2. Notice the destination address is the same as the sender’s address. You can change it anytime.
3. I’ve built numerous internal tools which will help you create your first Escrow transaction. Almost all processes are automated which reduces the errors and mistakes. All you have to do is put your XRP address.
4. When you close the program, it will generate a LOG file (on YOUR OWN PC) with the following data:

  • Transaction Status (pending or executed)
  • Transaction Date
  • OfferSequence Number
  • Your Wallet Address. (Nota Bene: NO SECRET key is stored), which basically means you can track your transactions (you will need OFFERSEQUENCE number in future to Release your funds). Just don’t forget to save it.

The software has been tested on different platforms: x86 and x64.

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